Aatma Bandhan 3rd January 2021 Written Update

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Aghori Baba touched Ashoka’s forehead with his trident and made him enter the Mandal. Cheru shouts for Aarti’s help. Mandal’s ring caught fire. Aarti comes to save Chiru. Matangi pulls Aarti back. Aghori Baba keeps chanting his mantra. Aarti requests Matangi to let her son be saved. She recalls when drowning Cheru in the lake, similarly calling for help. Matrangi tries to pull Aarti’s hand back from Cheru’s grip.

Aghori Baba blows a smoke. Aarti’s hold takes Matangi Aarti backward when Cheru’s hands are relaxed. Ashoka’s body fell to the floor, still trembling and calling Cheru Mummy. Aghori Baba presses his face and grabs Cheru’s soul in a bottle. He hangs the bottle from the tree and covers it with a red cloth. Aghori Baba then bathes Ashoka with water. Matangi asks Baba why he still looks tired. Aghori Baba had to tell him some important things.

They need to strengthen their hearts. Aarti says that she has already suffered a lot. Aghori Baba tells them that they cannot ignore the truth and they should stick to it. Cheru’s death is not the end, it is a deliberate plan. Someone planned to kill Cheru. Aarti demands who the culprit is, and why someone wants to do so. If Cheru’s Shradh was performed in time, his soul must have gone out. His return is the biggest problem.

He has captured his soul for a year. But next year, he could be even stronger. There is only one way to solve the case; He is the reincarnation of Cheru in which he finds his mother’s love and lives a normal life. He should ensure that she produces another child by next year. Otherwise, Cheru’s soul will return. Ashoka will recover completely within the next two days. Baba comes out. Matangi congratulates Aarti and says that her prayers have been answered. Aarti takes Matangi home.

At home, the family awaited him. Rani feels that Ashok looks better. Now, all of his plans will be ruined. Futures hold Ashoka’s hand. Indraprasad tells Matangi and Aarti to stay outside. Why did he return when he did not tell anyone on the way. The queen questioned where she was. He tricked them all and drove Ashoka out of the house. She is happy that Ashok is fine, otherwise, she would have hung them. She also blames Matangi.

Aarti takes Matangi inside. Rani alleged that whatever Aarti says is not important. She shouts to stop here; They cannot enter the house. Indraprasad complains to Aarti that she trusted him. Aarti says that she did nothing to break her faith, yet she apologizes for ignoring her instruction to stay out. If she had intended to kill Ashoka, he would never have brought her. If they like him to stay in the house, he will leave this house on his own, but he has to tell about the truth. Had she not taken Ashoka there, he would not have been alive. She no longer wants to hide the truth.

A mother raises her child for nine months, talks to her child, and gives him tremendous pain. She dreams of her birth and life in the world. She could not fulfill her dreams in Cheru’s life. He then blamed himself for his death. She was in deep depression and she wanted to talk to him and apologize. She went where her soul was. She tells what Matangi told her, and opens the forbidden door of the temple. Cheru returns, demanding all his love from her. He never sought such attention while he was alive, so he stopped his shraddha. She tells the full story of his transfer; And how he brought Cheroo’s eighteen to this new house too. Bhavani asks if he is still here? Aarti says no more. She took Ashoka out of this house to find peace. Matangi always stood beside him in all this, otherwise, he might have lost Ashoka.

Indraprasad asks what he did. Why he didn’t share everything with them. She was enduring all the pain herself. Aarti agrees that it was her fault to blame Cheru for her death. But there is more to this truth. Rani and Kriparkar now held their breath. Aarti says that Cheru did not die in an accident, it was a planned accident. She says that she misunderstood Aghori Baba, as she had taken Cheru only because his life was in trouble. Indraprasad apologized to Aghori Baba and asked who was responsible for Cheru’s death? Baba blames the queen.

All the people in the family were shocked after hearing the flaw. Cheru would not have died had he lived with her. This woman is responsible for all the sufferings of Queen Cheru. Not only this, but the queen is also responsible for hating Cheru for her mother. He feeds her a powder that turns her against her mother. The queen also performed black magic on Ashoka to take his life. This queen is to blame for all these problems. If Ashoka had not left this house today, he would have died. The queen denies all these allegations and tells Indraprasad not to trust her.


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