Choti Sardarni 21 December 2020

chhoti sardarni 22 december 2020
chhoti sardarni 22 december 2020

Manav says that his men appear in the teams of Meher and Sarab. Meher comes and asks the people if they saw the children. They dig a hole for him. Meher makes the goal slippery. She says that now the ghost will shout for help. Meher hears the noise. She comes out She sees the grass.

Ultimate 3. count .. 2 .. 1 .. children shout help. Meher and Param come there. These are the same children, their body is itchy. Meher lumps the bucket and he falls on them. Meher says sorry children. I thought it was an adult. Meher brings water and cleans them. Meher says that it will be a bit cured. A child says why are you crying? Mehr states that for a mother all children are equal. They say but we do not have a mother or father. Meher says why don’t you befriend Param? Param shakes hands with them. Monty says that no one will be friends with him. They say this is our playground, empty it today,
Param says no one wants to be my friend. Meher sees her sad. Sir is leaving. Meher says that you cannot go. He says where will the money come from? We need food. Meher says that we cannot take this risk. He says that I want to take this risk for my family. I can’t see my children starve. Meher says that I thought we are together but you are not listening to me. Sarab says from where shall we eat? Meher goes inside angrily.

Children leave nails on the road. Human puncture car. He asks the children if there is a puncture stop. He says yes Raju Puncher shop. Raju gives them a commission. Human listens, they get nervous. Man gives them money.

The human shows the children pictures of Meher and Param and asks if they have seen them? Kulwant called. The children could not see the picture. Kulwant asks if you can know about Meher? He says no, I will inform you. Those children are gone.

Meher says that Param is not worried. Yuvi was not your friend either but you became friends over time. Children are playing here and there. Meher fills a bucket of water. Meher asks Param to bring another bucket from home.
Sarab says, ok Meher I did not go to work. You care about me and I care about children. Param lifts the bucket to take Meher. She cannot take it, Sarab says I will take it. Take care of you Karan. Param says your milk is finished? I will fill it. He sees that the milk is gone. Param says I will bring milk for you but Papa told me not to leave you alone. But how do i take you He sees a wooden carriage and puts Karan in it.Param comes to the milk shop with the card and says give me milk. He says that I have no money. The shopkeeper says no more milk. A man leaves his money. Param withdraws the money. He sees Karan crying. Param comes to the man and says that uncle you forgot your money. He says that you are a well-run child. God you bless. Param says to Karan that sorry, I did not get you milk. I will do something but where do I get the money from?


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