Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 2nd January 2021 Written Update: Arushi got rejected!


Update: Guddan says that these people are shameless and will always be. His real place is outside this house. Choti says that whatever she is, she will stay here with her son and DIL. I will not be able to accept what you say, I have to go against you. Everyone is shocked. Choti says come, mother, He takes Pushpa inside. Pushpa smacked Guddan. Guddan says that she now plans to do something new. Pushpa comes to Guddan’s room. Gudden says what are you doing in my room? She says that we still are today.

My son is going against me, your daughter is going against me. So one point for each. Guddan says that I did not let you misuse my innocence of Choti. I will stand between you and him. Now you cannot harm him. I did not give you another check. Pushpa leaves.
Pushpa comes down and sees Aarushi with Aarav. Aarav says don’t worry. She says that I feel so much better. Because of you What does Aarav say I did? She says you supported me, you gave me courage. She holds her hand.

Pushpa says that I have a sigh to stop this right. The son lost to Guddan and now it is Arushi. She calls someone and says come tomorrow. Aarav eats Arushi. Pushpa says that I am enough for all of you. The next morning, some guests arrive. Pushpak serves them. Aarushi comes, she says mother you have called me. Pushpa says this is my daughter. This is Mrs. Aggarwal. He is here to propose to his son. Aarushi says that you didn’t even tell me? Aarav arrives. He was also shocked.

Pushpa says that this is a good proposal and it should not be slipped by hands. Agastya and Guddan also arrive. Agastya says that you did not even tell us? Pushpa says that I am her mother, I can decide for her. Aarushi looks at Aarav. Agastya says should you do nothing in your life? Be on your feet. He says that you live in your wife’s house and you are lecturing me no matter whether I work or not, I live at least in my father’s house. Arushi stands up and says that you have no right to talk to my brother like this.

Mr. Agarwal says that the whole city is talking. You requested that, so we came to Pushpa ji otherwise I did not want to come here. You sons are questioning my son. The boy says you’re right Papa, I don’t even find that girl beautiful. Sorry, you are not my type. The guy next door might like you, that’s your standard. Both Agastya and Aarav get angry. They go Aarav stops and kills the man.

Aarav says how dare you talk to Arshi like this? Have you seen your face? Who are you to reject him, he did not even look at you. Get out. Agastya says God before I break your face. Get out. Mr. Aggarwal says that if you had to insult us, why did you call us? Agastya says that you do not deserve to reject my sister. Go and show your dad money elsewhere. Mr. Agarwal says that just as your son is a homegrown DIL, your daughter is not married anywhere.

Pushpa says that he was my guest. How dare you insult Aarav. Agastya says that it was the fault of the person. Pushpa says, it all became your MIL. Because of your mother we lost respect. My daughter is rejected because my son lives in his wife’s house. Your mother is responsible for this Guddan. You are happy in your life but who will marry my Aarushi? She will remain single throughout her life because of her mother. Aarushi says that this is my life. Pushpa says shut up. My son made his decisions, and I lost everything. Chothi remembered Pushpa’s words. Choti leaves. Agastya goes after him. Pushpa says I will turn your daughter against you.


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