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Hamariwali Good News 26th December 2020 Written Update

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Hamariwali Good News 26th December 2020

The episode begins with a board named Alok Tiwari. Mukund cleared the name board. Renuka stares at Preeti. Adi stands by Mukund. Kusum scolds Preity. Preeti says that Alok is not with any outsider, the shop is still in the family. Renuka blocks Kusum. Alok asks Renuka to thank her, what does she want. Renuka says that the wife cannot be happy when her husband loses all his savings, his fine, his time, I have full faith in Mukund. Renuka and Adi accompany Mukund. Sumitra asks Alok to be patient, she will get everything. She goes to console Mukund. Mukund says that it seems to me that I have given my child to someone else. Renuka says that okay, we will work hard again.

The caterer Raj arrives and scolds Mukund. He says that you have sold impure ghee, the school people vomited after having food, I will send you to jail, you ruined my company’s honor, you will be behind bars. Sumitra stopped Raj. She scolds Raj and says that I have bought ghee from someone else, send me to jail, I am not afraid. Mukund asks Sumitra to calm down. He asks Renuka to bring a ladoo box. He calls it the same laddus you ate. He eats laddus. He asks for a laddu from Renuka. He says that you want to see that ghee is impure, you were saying that you have not eaten such laddus, you ordered me yesterday, we have eaten the same laddus, we will know who is telling the truth, you Also eat.

Raj says no. Mukund says you are saying nonsense, look at us, nothing happened to us, it means you are lying, Ghee is not impure, you are wrong, tell me, who sent you, Alok has sent you . He beats Raj. Raj says there is no use fighting. Sumitra signaled her. Raj says forgive me, I did not do it on my own wish. She asks what do you mean? Raj says that a girl came and bribed me to do so. She asks who. Raj says that a young girl, she was fair, she was educated and fit. Indu says that I think she was Navya.

She shows Navi’s picture. Navya says that she is one, she gave me money. Mukund says call him. Indu says that Navya is locked in the storeroom. He asks who did it. Sumitra says Renuka is punishing her for breaking the relationship, not knowing what is going on. Mukund asks Renuka to get Navya and find the truth. Renuka did not go and see Navya. Mukund asks where Navya is.

Raj says he came to see me, he cannot be locked up here, he asked me to lie. Sumitra asks what is happening, you lock her in the storeroom and then free her, I am trying to establish Mukunda’s business, Navya is trying to ruin the business. Renuka says why should I free her, I punish her. Sumitra asks who fired her. Adi comes and says that I threw Navya out. Renuka asks why I punished her.

Adi says that if I did not take him out, he would have died due to suffocation, I would have taken him in condition, he is there. Mukund asked the hospital etc. Adi says yes. Sumitra feels that you took her, but she is trapped. She makes a play and hurts herself to fool Mukund. She blames Navya. Mukund says calm down, let Navya come, I will talk to her. She says that I do not trust Navya. Navya comes and even says that I am not sure, you think I am a cow, that I should not say anything, tie this bell in your neck. Raj says that this girl came to see me. Sumitra says look at her, she did it all. Renuka asks Navya what she is doing, why is she ruining Mukund’s business. Navya asks what is my fault. Renuka asks who is this man. Navya says that I do not know.

Renuka says that you have spoiled the purity of ghee. Navya says that I do not know her. Renuka says why is he taking your name, not someone else’s name. Navya says that no one can know who is faking whom, it will be known when the police come, this man will tell the truth, and then we will know who wants to frame Mukund, I will call the police. She takes Adi’s phone. Sumitra stops her and scolds her.

She says that Mukund would lose the name if this matter came up. Mukund says no, let the police come, I want the truth to come out, call the police. Sumitra says that it will not be right, if Navya did this then the police will arrest you. She asks Lallan to take Raj out and interrogate him. He asks Renuka to control Navya. Mukunda says, Navya you have cleared all my misconceptions today. He taunts Navya and leaves.

On its night, Renuka tells Navya to drink the soup. She says sorry, you had to be locked in the storeroom. Navya says that her fine, someone sprayed there and I felt suffocated. Renuka says that Indu did this, Sumitra wants to sink Mukund’s business, she wants to ruin it, but I will not let it happen, whatever happens, I will not let Sumitra succeed, I will not let her snatch this house, we will soon This has to be done, Mukund will sign the papers soon. Adi and Navya ask what we can do. Renuka says that there is a way, listen to me carefully. On its morning, Kusum gets a dessert. Sumitra taunts Navya to be infertile. She says I wish she had left Adi, I would have Adi get married to a good girl and get an heir. Navya cries. Renuka looks at her sadly.



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