Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 2nd January 2021 Written Update:

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 21st December 2020
Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 21st December 2020 written update

The episode begins with Riddhima stating that the lineage has not come yet, it is a time of glory, when I will talk to him, why is he not answering. Kabir comes for engagement. Riddhima hears the horn of the car and says that Vanshi has arrived. Ishani says grandmother asked you to get Ahana. Riddhima says that I will get Ahana. Dynasty and Angre arrive.

Riddhima says I know this engagement is fake. Ahana says I don’t say anything, when you were telling me everything, you were not interested. Argument. Ahana asks her about the lineage. She says that the end of your love story has started the countdown, come, everyone is waiting. They go.

Ahana sits with Kabir. Chanchal says that you will do tilak, handle the plate of aarti. Vansh says, I hope you have done my work, remember, when I talk to Riddhima no one should come to bother me. Goes to Angre. Riddhima does Tilak.

Kabir and Ahana exchange the ring. Everyone claps for them. Grandma blesses them. Riddhima says, Vanshi I need to talk to you. Aryan says that a customer called, come with me. The descent goes on. Kabir says that I do not know if our plan will succeed, no one can exclude you, will exclude Vansh and Riddhima, and we will handle this house. Ahana smiled. He says that I think there is a rift in their relationship.

Ahana feels that you and Riddhima do not know the real game and the real player, let them be engaged. Ishani tells the clan to dance with her. Riddhima thinks to talk to Vanshika. She says where did he go. The servant gives him a note. She reads … Come where we have seen the beautiful moon for the first time. She says that the pool area. She goes there and calls the dynasty. She says, I am trying to talk to you, once in front. The dynasty says I am here, Riddhima.

He says I know you’re eager to talk to me, tell me what it is. She says I got many questions, promise me, you will answer all the questions correctly. He says I promise, ask me whatever you want, I will answer all honestly. She says the first question, Yo said that Ahana saved you on November 12, but she was in Delhi, which means she didn’t save you. He refused.

She remembers the words of Dynasty and Ahana. She asks if you brought her here for any purpose. He says yes She says no, it cannot happen. Vanshi please tell it a lie, you are joking right, that girl tried to kill me, she attacked me, you are kidding. She cries and says that it means she carried out all those attacks at your behest.

He says yes She says no, Vansheesh, you are lying, you love me, you cannot do that, you pushed me to death and worked to save me. He says yes She asks why did you do all this, you wanted me to believe that Ahana and Kabir are together, okay. He says yes She says it means you don’t love me, you are working with me, like you acted Vihaan, you are acting to love me, say something, no…. She remembers her moments.

She says you are lying, tell me that our moments spent in the glasshouse were true, it was not a play, tell me, say yes. She cries upon seeing him. Kabir and Ahana are doing Aarti. Ahana feels that Riddhima must have received the biggest shock of her life after hearing Vanshika’s answer. She laughs. Riddhima shouts why did you play this big game with me, answer me. Dynasty says enough, now I will question you, will you answer me yes or no. He asks if you loved me when you made seven rounds. She says descent. He asks yes or no… She says no. He asks that when I got married I was just working for you, just say yes or no. She says yes. He asks if you married me to spy on me, bring evidence against me and implicate me, you believe that I killed Ragini. shook her head. He asks if you don’t think you have broken my trust, not once, but repeatedly, you have cheated me, you have cheated since you entered my house. He remembers the evidence against Riddhima. She thinks that I have written everything in the letter, which means the dynasty never forgives me. He says that you always betrayed me in the name of love and relationships when I fell down a cliff, my eyes opened, I thought how I survived, I understood that my fate does not want me to die from your burden. . Cheating, I survived to punish you for your deeds. She says I know I cheated on you at the beginning of the relationship, I tried to tell you the truth, you always stopped me, I wrote a letter for you in the glasshouse. He tells a lie, I don’t get any letter. He strikes her neck with a knife. He says that you have found what you did not expect, which is called his deception.


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