Kundali Bhagya 28th December 2020 Written Update: Telly Serial Update

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Kundali Bhagya 28th December 2020 written update

Mahira prepares the camera, then takes the water to the ice bucket and after pouring the ice cube, she asks Karan to drink it, Karan says that she is feeling really weird and doesn’t know what happened. she tries to get up but Mahira grabs her.

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Hand tells her to release her hand, Karan forgives that she has not held her hand, but Mahira is constantly hugging that she has held her hand. And with Preeta having a honeymoon and not him, Mahira then pushes herself to him, Karan asks what is on which she explains to Mahira that she can entertain him if she so longs until Preeta Not until Mahira thinks that the camera will record what she wants and then Karan has to beg for her wishes.

Shrishti tells that this cannot happen because she herself saw Mahira drinking water, Sherlyn also states that it seems that she has woken up because now she will inform them of what has happened because she felt that Mahira would not be able to spend the night with Karan but she saw him at the resort and when Sameer came to their table, he saw how she mixed something and exchanged drinks, and the best thing was that Mahira was awake. Hai and is in her room with Karan at the present time, Preeta asks why she is talking nonsense.

Sherlyn asks her why she is worried but she should be worried now as Mahira is wearing a knight with Karan whom Shrishti had brought for her and now Mahira will spend the night with Karan and have a real honeymoon, Preeta reveals that it How it doesn’t happen because she knows that Karan is not like this, Sharleen explains that she wants to inform him that men have mixed feelings when the situation changes, then Srishti tells him to stop calling her nonsense And no need to watch the video, Shrishti begs Preeta not to watch them as she overhears Sharleen and Mahira talking about how they will add something to her drink.

Sherlyn explains that even when a person is in a state of being drunk, he actually does what he wanted to do so it may be because Karan wanted to be with Mahira and not with the false content he had Was married Sherlyn begins the video before leaving again.
Preeta sees that Mahira has given Karan a shot, she prays that he does not do it but Karan takes it, he is not able to control himself, then falls against the table, Preeta said That Mahira is wearing her nightdress and she is saying that she can. Trying to do something wrong with Karan, Shrishti starts shouting why the sister is doing this as she was meant to dress Karan.

Mahira in the room tells Karan not to worry and to calm down, she is turning on the music, even starts dancing with him when he is not really in her senses, he starts romancing her When he is not able to control himself, Karan falls to the ground and Mahira too follows him and he actually sees Mahira as Preeta in a drunk state.

While bound, Preeta reveals that she is not with him and that it is actually Mahira, Preeta begs him to leave and not to go to her as she is trying to molest him, but Karan has her as Preeta. Sees and then starts to be romantic. Her thinking that this is his wife, they both, while holding hands, Karan even kisses them as she realizes that it is actually Preeta starting to dance. We do.

They both look into each other’s eyes when Mahira hits her against the wall while trying to get close to her, Karan also pulls her closer but when he retreats, he realizes that she is indeed Mahira. So Karan pushes her away, he feels her headache but Mahira is constantly trying to get close to him, she forcefully takes him to the bed where he falls and she climbs on him, not Preeta. Can see who will call for help without knowing. them.

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Rakhi brings tea for Dadi and Kareena, she says she is missing them, Kareena tells that they will come back after some time, Dadi asks about Sherlyn and Mahira, Kareena tells that Sherlyn is sick and Rakhi is taking care of her, asks that she said that Mahira was ill and Sherlyn is taking care of her, Kareena reveals that while taking care of Mahira, Sherlyn became ill and when they asked for the doctor’s advice they explained that This is due to her pregnancy so she should be sent to any hill station, so she sent both of them to Manali and they are in the same hotel with Karan and Preeta, Kareena asks grandma if she did the right thing, He is approved and then ordered to bring a mobile phone.

Dadi asks Rakhi what has happened because she seems tired, Rakhi explains that her problem is Mahira as she does not think about Preeta’s righteousness and she thinks that Preeta has stolen Karan from her, which is not the case and how she can think to make her realize this fact because she is her childhood friend.


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