Home Written Update Naagin Season 5 26th December 2020 Written Update: Telly Serial Update

Naagin Season 5 26th December 2020 Written Update: Telly Serial Update

Naagin Season 5 26th December 2020
Naagin Season 5 26th December 2020

Naagin Season 5 26th December 2020 Written Update: Telly Serial Update

Episode Highlights: The episode begins with Veer dancing with the girl. Bani states that her determination is strong and she is willing to do anything for Veeranshu. She falls from the sky to her house and tells Aunty that she has lost Veeranshu. Jai asks her to marry him. Bani and Jai get married.

8 hours ago: Veer Sangeet says… .and dances with the girl on the moon. It plays the song’s gungroo toot gaye … The girl sits on his lap and asks him to get ready. Bani tells that she is ready. A voice is heard reminding him… Bani says that I know that as soon as I step on the stairs, I will lose my sight. She goes up the stairs and says that my determination is strong, I accept anything for Veer. Pandit ji calls the bride and groom… The girl comes and sits in the pavilion.

Veer comes there and asks Pandit ji to fast the mantras, the marriage will not stop. Bani climbs the stairs to reach the moon, but she slips … and shouts … Veer hears her voice. The girl asks what happened and asks her to sit down. Bani climbs up the stairs and asks for help from Bholenath. He becomes a half-serpent and climbs up using his tail. She starts walking again. The girl hears the voice of Bani who calls Veer and asks Panditji to continue the puja until she returns.

Bani is about to fall again when the girl arrives and holds her hand. Bani thanked her. Chandini asks if she can’t see. Bani says yes. Chandni asks if you don’t like my name? Bani says you are moonlight and lives on the moon. Moonlight says that you are truly amazing. Bani asks where is Veeranshu? Chandni says that he is on the pavilion and is marrying me. Bani says that he is marrying me, and she is my husband.

Chandni says she will be mine now. Bani asks him to take care of his tongue. Chandni says that your relationship does not matter and states that you cannot see that Veer is marrying me and hence he is on the seventh cloud. She tells that they danced a lot and is aching in her waist as she holds him tightly and asks what will he do? Bani asks her to return her husband.

Moonlight pushes her down the stairs. Bani comes inside her house through the terrace. She says that I can see everything now. Aunty asks are you okay? Bani says she is fine. Meera says that Bani is fine and asks aunt to check her bed. Bani states that she has gone to the moon and saw Veer marrying someone. Tapish tells Balwant about marrying someone else. Balwant says what will happen now.

He scolds Daksha for not bringing Veer back. Daksha says that he was flying high and I could not stop him. Balwant says I want to go to the moon. Bani cries and tells Meera that Veer is on the moon and I am here. She reveals that Veer is marrying someone else. Jai listens to her.

Chandini reveals that she has thrown away the garbage. Bani tells Meera that she has lost her and Veeranshu’s everything. She says that I cannot do anything even after knowing. Jai says that you can do one thing and ask him to marry you. Veer gets up and tells that he cannot marry without his family. Chandini says that you can live anywhere, but they cannot live. Veer says that I want them here. Chandini asks her to see and join Balwant through magic. Veer tells Balwant that he is getting married to Chandni. Balwant was shocked. Tapish leaves from there. Jai asks Bani to marry him. Bani is surprised.

Bani asks what are you saying? Jai says that you claimed that you will bring back Veer. Bani asks what are you saying that I will forget Veer and marry someone else. Jai asks if she wants Veer back or not and asks if he can do anything. Bani says I can do anything but within limits. Jai asks him to tell Veer that he is getting married so that he is jealous and returns, as he is with her. Jai says I am ready to fake marriage with you. Tapish comes to Bani and tells that Veer is attached to them.

Bani tells her to tell Veer that she is marrying Jai and asks him to invite her. Tapish comes to Veer and asks him to bring his magical screen to the hall so that they can watch two weddings at once. He says that Bani is getting married to Jai. Veer is shocked. Balwant says that it is good that he is marrying Chandini as it will be easier for him to kill Bani now, as she will no longer be his shield. Veer is shocked. Balwant says we will come prepared.

Bani gets ready for the wedding and reveals that she only wants to be Veereanshu’s bride and not someone, as she has my finger ring and tells her that she is just mine. She says that how she can marry someone else is wrong. Meera tries to calm him down. Bani says that I can not be weak Balwant told Bani and money to get married to bring Veer



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