Naagin Season 5 2nd January 2021 Written Update: Naagin 5 Telly News Update

Naagin Season 5 26th December 2020
Naagin Season 5 26th December 2020

Bani says that I will reach the end for whatever is happening with you Veeranshu. Veeranashu refuses, saying leave it. Bani says the same as you left my gift. Veer asked for a gift !! Bani says later Veer you are so stubborn. All of us Naag-Naagin are so soft-hearted. Veer says that when I was not conscious, I could not remember how much I had hurt you. I am … Bani says sorry, Veer says after I get my gift. Bani notices deep marks. Bani tells Meera everything and realizes that Shatapati (leches) must have killed her until Jai speaks. Panditain messages state that Sapti can be controlled with water, garlic and saffron. Bani realizes that Jai can do something while he finds clues in her room. Bani says that Jai knew how to control all that speech and he joined it.

Tapish asks Veer to rest at home. Veer says that I know that Balwant and Pawan do illegal business, I want a proper investigation. Daksha called Tapish inside. Veer asks her to come soon because I am waiting. Parkeh comes to the boys and teases Veer about his marriage and misquotes about Bani. Veer gets angry and tries to kill them, but all the boys injure him. Meera asks about Bani’s whereabouts? Bani tells that she found the clue in Jai’s room. He said that it was very wrong for me to trust Jai again, Veer was always right about him. Ponki tells that Veer is leaving for office with Tapish.

The boys beat Veer badly. Bani comes out when Veer asks to go inside. The boys keep teasing Bani. They take Veer aside and try to molest Bani. Bani gets angry and is about to transform into Naagin’s body, but Veer stops her. Bani grabs a boy and grabs his neck while warning them to stay away from us. The boys decided to leave with the caveat, we will meet again after all rivals. Bani asked Veer, you still won’t tell me ?? Don’t worry, I’ll get lonely. Veer gets angry for the eve by those boys, Tapish asks her to play again.

Bani thinks about what is happening, while Veer feels pain in the wounds. Veer tries to heal his wounds but realizes that he has lost his powers. Tona in love with you…. Bani asks let me try once. Veer says I am no longer an eagle, I am not even able to protect you. Bani smiled at her and said, “You are not in the battle of Nok Jhok, she wore her wounds saying that I am always with you, whether you like it or not .. sad version of your song love.”
Bani says that some wounds take time to heal. She deepens her wounds. Veer asked why did he do this? Bani says that she will remain like this until we fight again. Veer says I don’t need it. Bani says but Mrs. Bani needs Virenshu.

Later in the night Bani thinks about all the accidents and decides to see Jai as she was missing since morning. But before he can check that Veer has a high fever and the wound is deeper. She decides to find Jai and learn about the heroic powers. He infects Meera to take care of Veer. Bani sees Jai all night in the forest but does not find him. She uses her serpent power and finds Jai. Veer tries to get up, but Meera stops him and tells him that Jai was behind to call them Satpati. Meera tells Veer that Bani went in search of Jai. Veer says, but he may get in trouble. Meera tells Veer to rest, Tapish is bringing juice. Meera reveals that Bani Jai is aware of the reality that she cheated again. Tell Veer I missed Bani, I knew the snake would definitely bite.

Bani catches Jai with his serpent’s tail. Jai to ask him to listen to him. Bani says that you are not trustworthy, I believed in you again, I thought you are changing but Veer always said that you should not believe. I forgive you for everything you have done, but this time I will kill you for hurting my heroic dynasty. Jai tells him that he can be seen with you, this is the place where Market was caught. Bani says I know but Jai says that Market has run away. They both go inside the orphaned waterfall and are surprised to see that Market had fled from capturing Trishul. Jai says trust me, I came here so that I can help you and Veer, I was watching the market. Bani says that I will not believe that you will believe again.

Veer, Tapish, and Daksha go to meet investors. Tapish asks Veer to stay near the car. Veer tries to deny it. But Tapish says listen to me at least once. Bani returns home and seeks Veer. Balwant says that he went to meet investors. Bani asks how can you give it to her? Balwant says he never


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