Qurbaan Hua 4th January 2021 Written Update


Vyas ji gets angry on hearing Aziz, so asks what is this and how Azan can be heard in a Brahmin’s house, Jamuna asks Meera what is happening and Azan on hearing this in her mobile Why is Chait’s mobile, Godmabari inquires as to why Azaan is in her mobile and whether she is hiding the truth of being a Muslim, Vyas ji orders Chahat to tell the truth about Godambari and whether he is really a Muslim, Godambari tells Meera to shut it down since they now have to clean the entire house, Chahat asks her to stop because Azaan cannot be stopped until he is finished, Pandit who Vyas ji Is with, gets angry that Neil has married a girl who is a Muslim, they threaten to take the seat of Manat from him because there is a Muslim girl in his house.

Neil asks Pandit like this Asked not to make a scene, he explains how they went to the hospital, where a Muslim man explained that Dr. Nice to hear Baig who is Saraswati’s killer Azaan so they downloaded it on their mobile, they ask how they can stay so low and don’t trust Vyas ji when they know that he will never do anything like this Can do what is against his religious feelings, Chahat explains that he should never lose his faith. That if they try to take away her status as a mother then how will she always be there to protect her. The Pandits then leave the house. Chahat requested Vyas ji to forgive him as he held the party without his permission, Vyas ji said that he would forgive him only under one condition and it is that he should dance and celebrate a party Because they have taught him to change over time because it is best for all, he said that he needed to rest, while they should all celebrate.

Chahat is standing on the roof when Neil says there are only ten seconds left for the new year, they both count and start the new year by being close to each other, the year begins with the celebration of the new year , Who brings Neil. A gift for Chahat, she opens it and is shocked to see that it is his father’s coat and stethoscope, Neil asks how he should give it to his father when he proves his innocence.

Chahat thanks him and Apologizes for not bringing anything but Neil then says that he has brought something and it is his smile, he thinks about how he will spend his whole life with the memory of his smile, they both look at each other with their eyes. Can not remove.

Meera is looking at the two of them, Navel comes from behind and explains how both of their plans went awry and now she won’t even be able to stop him before he leaves her, Meera thinks she won’t go anywhere because she gets used to it. Isn’t what she wants until she meets, she’ll stay at their house until she gets Neil and makes sure she misses the new year.

In the morning Naveli is helping Meera keep her belongings in the car, she wishes everyone and then wails in a chaat when she is about to leave in the car, when Meera starts vomiting, Godambari tries to get some bad abuses. Got rid of but Meera faints which forces Neil to come into the house with her lap. In the process Neil leaves his mobile, Balek picks him up and sees that it is the doctor who is treating Dr. Beg, he explains how Dr. Beg is getting better and will be able to make a statement by next week. Balek thinks how this is a problem with him.

Chaat comes to Meera’s room when she wakes up, Chahat asks what she is doing and she knows that Meera is acting, Meera gets angry saying that she has no time to blame her Hai and she needs to go outside, Chahat asks why then she is going out because she must be resting due to her illness, Meera says she has some work to do, so she thinks how she has to go on it. Have to keep an eye so that he follows it.

Meera is sitting in the hospital, she asks the nurse why it is taking so long to get the report because she has been waiting for an hour, the nurse hands over the report to her, Meera peeks at the chaat from the corner so that she Could do so is really worried and leaves. Chahat comes to the receptionist about how she is Meera’s family doctor and what test she has asked for, the nurse replies that she has done a pregnancy test, Chahat asks her to show her the report, Chahat is surprised how she Tested Being pregnant, she returned to a stressful situation.

Navel enters Neil and Chahat’s room and takes off her clothes and wonders why Balek asks her to steal his clothes, then she runs to him, Balek is really worried in her room so Naavi asks As to why he has asked to steal clothes, Balek mentions how he will wear clothes, Naavi starts joking by saying that he is not poor and is able to buy clothes if he wishes to wear them, Balek It mentions how he would wear them because he got Dr. Beg has to be killed, Navel gets stressed.


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