Santoshi Maa 21st December 2020 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 21st December 2020 Written Episode: The episode begins with Devesh trying to deliberately approach Swati, while Swati recalls praying to Mata Santoshi and Mata that Dadaji Mahadev had told that his woman’s power is devotion to her husband and to mother Swati With her powers she helps to put a curtain in the fire which comes from Devesh on worship. Dia lit in the plate.Devesh cries for help saying that Swati is trying to help and Devi Polomi is surprised how the fire broke out and informs all her family members about it but Devesh’s mother is blaming Swati for the fire is.
Regarding Lord Mahadev, the sage, while appreciating Mata Santoshi, understood that he said that the boon is paid in the dedication of the wife to her husband.

Anju and Indresh’s mother are discussing Swati’s well being and Indresh’s mother is praying for Swati’s good health.
Indresh is trying to enjoy and play with Babli, who he thinks is Swati while Babli is reluctant to respond to his attitude towards her.
Mata Santoshi and Dev Rishi praise Lord Mahadev for help. Devi Polomi is complaining to Prabhu Mahadev that she only supports Goddess Santoshi, rather Mata Parvati is explaining to her that you are looking at the wrong path because you have chosen the path you are facing troubles what is able to extinguish the fire through all his efforts to save Devesh and Devesh’s mother is cursing him. Swati is making Devesh feel better instead of ignoring her.

Goddess Polomi laughs and curses Goddess Santoshi for everything she has done with Swati against Devesh and his family.
Dev Rishi, disguised as a Brahmin to convince Devesh’s mother that his house is surrounded by an evil spirit which is causing trouble in this house while Goddess Polomi hears it.


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