Tujhse Hai Raabta 29 December 2020 Written Update

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 29th December 2020 Written Episode Update

Tujhse Hai Rabta Update: The episode begins with Kalyani coming to meet Anupriya in jail and reveals that she is trapped in such a way that she cannot even demand custody of her son. Anupriya still looks shocked and upset. Kalyani asks him who is the real killer of Malhar Ji. She asks why do you come home and release tear gas if you are not affected. She asks him to tell the truth and says that he should know who murdered Malhar ji and says that he has to bring his son back.

She tells her that she has to fight against her family. Anupriya says that the time for the meeting is over and asks her to fight with her loved ones, but before you to protect yourself. Kalyani thinks you are with me like Krishna and thinks how can you be so strong. She thinks that Anupriya directed her even though she did not talk to him.

Avni narrates the acts and tells Sarthak that she came to know how Kalyani trapped Moksha. She works Sarthak leads to salvation. Avni scolds Aao Saheb for going after Kalyani instead of saving her from the tank. Aao Sahab asks Avni to talk to Sarthak about taking Vivek out of jail. Avni says that she will work.

Kalyani comes out of jail and steals the constable’s wallet so that she is arrested and locked up for her protection from the goons. The constable arrests him and asks him to sit in the jeep. Shera is driving the jeep as an inspector and her boy sits in the jeep as a constable. Kalyani recognizes her and tries to run away, but Shera sprays spray on her and she faints, She stops the drive.

Avni comes to Sarthak and offers to massage her head. He says you don’t have to do that? Sarthak says that I know that it is very difficult for you to stay in this relationship, so you can go out anytime. Avni says that you are my last hope, and asks if they can adopt Moksha so that they can find the reason for their relationship. Sarthak says he will talk.

Avni thinks about how Kalyani will call herself the moksha of salvation. Shera tells Tommy that she is getting a lot of respect due to Malhar and Miracle. Tommy reveals that he looks like Akshay Kumar, and then Ranveer Singh says.

Shera poses for the picture and thinks he looks like Ranveer Singh. He gets sad and tells that my grandmother used to say that there is no one like me in the village, but she was right. Tommy asks what to do with this girl? Shera says that she is not our headache, her customer will come and take her from here. He says that we have the last job and tells me that he has the last job to make money from someone and then he will go to Rohtak.


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